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Awareness is the Spirit, Attack is the Foundation of Thought

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My name is Si-Fu Rory Trend 3rd degree red belt. I have been studying Martial Arts, full time for about 25 years now. I began my journey as a 15 year old, studying Karate. I then moved on to the Malcolm Sue Kung-Fu School, at the age of 19. I trained for four years, attaining my Brown Belt. I decided at that time to commit my life to studying, training and teaching Kung-Fu. For the next 10 years I studied full time 5-7 hours of training per day, as well as teaching and working in and around the Kung-Fu temple. I was accepted as a live in disciple of 9th degree Grand Master, Malcolm Sue and his eldest son 7th degree Master, Gawain Sue. I reached the level of 2nd degree senior instructor and I was also the Head instructor of one of the largest schools in Australia. For the last ten years, I have   been developing and refining my own art, which is called Dung Jung Kao Jeng Kung-Fu, Meditation Through Movement.

I would like to begin this article with the first rule of self defence and that is, if you see trouble coming in advance and leave, then you cannot be hurt. The danger of being attacked is the proximity of the aggressor, if you are able to stay out of their range, then they cannot hurt you at that time.

Trouble does not always give us time to follow this rule of course, but with the 2nd level philosophy of DJKJ Kung-Fu, Awareness is the spirit, attack is the foundation of thought. Awareness is the spirit; being aware of your surroundings, people and their potential to harm you. This gives you the most important thing, which we all require in self defence regardless of your training and skill level and that is, time to react. Attack is the foundation of thought; it is the ability to plan for any future problems you could face. For example, if you work late or catch public transport, it is important to come up with a plan. If you are walking down the street and you see potential trouble, cross the street. If  they cross the street, you now see in advance and can start to put your plan into action. With enough time, you could walk into a shop, go into a yard or get to the front door.

Self Defence is not just the ability to strike, although it is important. Self defence is about developing your self esteem and outward nature, this is the first law of  the jungle. If you do not look like an easy target, the prey will move on to something that is.

 Take care, enjoy life and keep up your self development.


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Si-Fu Rory Trend