Biography of Grandmaster: Hop Choi Yong Sul

Martial arts

CHOI YONG SUL (1904 – 1986) One of the most influential figures in Korean martial arts history is CHOI YONG SUL. Orphaned, he lived in the village of Yong Dond in Choong Chung Province, to the age of eight. He was rescued and taken to Japan by a Mr. MIROMOTO and was abandoned in the Japan of the new city of Moji. From Moji he went into the city of Osaka where he had to beg for a living and and he was arrested by the policeand taken to a Buddhist temple in Kyoto on Mount Kintaro and put in the care of the monk Wadanabi. Fascinated by murals depicting battle scenes adorning the walls of the temple. A monk once asked him that?’s That? He wanted to make his life without hesitation he answered, learn how to fight. Wadanabi the then takes in a court YAWARA in the same dojo master TAKEDA Sogaku an old friend on the mountain to Akeda Su Shin. Receives the Japanese name Yoshida ASAO. He led sy very hard for over 30 years. CHOI YONG SUL was then assistant instructor TAKEDA, parallel he was also trained in the art of Daito Ryu. Following the defeat of Japan during World War II TAKEDA Sogaku let himself starve after the disgrace of his country in 1943.CHOI, then returned to Korea and arrived in Pusan, he took the train to Taegu and lost his luggage on the trip with all his money and certificates? martial arts. He decided to stay in Daegu in the province of Kyung Buk It is first time pig farmer. CHOI A morning admirably by the director of the brewery where he was going to get food for her pigs easily getting rid of several thugs. SO BOK SOP did get this man and asked him what was this art that he practiced. After a second successful demonstration SUH CHOI asked to teach his art in exchange grain for his pigs. BOK In 1948 SO SOP planted a dojang in the brewery and renamed the YAWARA KWON YU SUL because all that was connotation Japanese was frowned upon by the Koreans. The first students were SO SOP BOK, BOK CHOI YOL (his son), JONG SEUNG HO and SO DON BYONG. BOK SO In 1954 SOP had a small collision with a notorious gangster and knocked out of a side kick, the dice day KWON YU SUL became known in the city of Taegu. SUH in 1959 sold his brewery and opened a school KWON YU SUL in Taegu as chief instructor with MOO KIM HONG. BOK In 1965 SO SOP opened a second school in Seoul and pointed KIM TAE WOO as chief instructor and advisor soothsayer Chief KOREA HAPKIDO FEDERATION. Grandmaster CHOI YONG SUL s died in 1986 in Taegu.