Hapkido: Distract, Disable, and Destroy

by Floyd Burk Combat Hapkido’s Low-Line Kicking Guarantees Supremacy on the Street! hap1“The biggest advantage attackers have over their victims is the element of surprise,” claims Combat Hapkido master John Pellegrini. “Attackers expect their targets to freeze up, allowing them to gain immediate psychological and physical superiority.” Those are sobering words, to be sure, but

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Hapkido – A Short History

Hapkido – A Short History. Hapkido is a Korean martial art which uses joint locks, kicks, punches, and other striking attacks. Weapons such as sword, nunchaku, rope, cane, and staff are also used, although their emphasis varies. Hapkido focuses on using circular motions, non-resisting movements, and control of the opponent, using footwork and body positioning

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