Fighting Black Kings

If you like to watch fighting you will love this one. Fighting Black Kings was the first video seen on full contact traditional karate. The film follows the training regimen of fighters from all over the world as they prepare for the prestigious all world full contact karate tournament in Japan.

The film cuts nicely from when the fighters are on the mat in the tournament to showing then back home training in their respective contries. Although the tournament is open to all styles the rules favor the Kyokushinkai system. The film is called Fighting Black Kings because it focuses on a number of prominent black karateka from New York such as Wille Willams & William Oliver who train in Kyokushinkai system which is known for its emphasis on full contact kumite with no pads or gloves.

This is a great martial arts documentry with some great martial arts fighters & fights. You can find this film on Amazom so check it out a must for any martial arts fan.

This documentry features Mas Oyama’s Kyokushin Karate that would spawn other great Karate systems like Enshin and Seidokan. There are also many great martial artists features like Sato and Joko Ninomiya (founder of Enshin and Sabaki). The documentry follows many fighters from America, Japan, England, Thailand, and Hong Kong as they enter the first world karate tournement.

The matches are good, but what is especially interetsing is following the training that these individuals go through to enter this tournement. This is fighting karate and anyone interested in rugged sparring and work-outs should view this film.

Additional Note: 02/23/2008: Several years later and I still love this film. I watch it three-four times a year. One of the best martial arts docs out there. A DVD version with special features would be terrific, I hope it happens soon.