Karate Girl BRAWL

“Karate Girl BRAWL”) By Jesse Enkamp
“Your biggest enemy lies within.”

That’s the philosophy of Karate Girl BRAWL – a new martial art short film premiering today.

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The film is about a badass Karate girl, played by Julia Hourahine (Canadian national kata champion), in her struggle against her inner demons as expressed through Karate.

Now listen to this…

During my recent seminar trip to Canada, I was actually invited to I help with some of the action choreography for the fight scenes.

Try to see the kata bunkai I hid in there!

I even play a small (*cough* SUPER SMALL) part in the beginning. Can you spot me? ; -)

Big thanks to everyone involved in the production – you guys rock!

Watch Karate Girl BRAWL below.