Kids Interview



Interview of Georgemartial arts21

By Joanna (Age 9)

1) What is your name?

George Georgiou


2) How old are you?



3) What style of martial art do you practice?

Wing Chun.


4) When did you start training?

4 years ago.


5) Where did this martial art originate?

Wing Chun originated in south east China and later introduced to HongKong by  Ip  Man in  the  1950’s.

6) Can you tell us something about this style? Describe it?

Wing Chun is a principle driven martial arts system, it consists of  5 principles;

 i) Simplicity
ii) Directness
iii) Practicality
iv) Economy of movement
v) Minimum use of brute strength

The Wing Chun Kung Fu system also consist of 3 open hand forms these   are ; Sil Lim Tao, Chum Kiu and Biu Jee. There are also two weapons forms the Baart Jam Do   (Butterfly Swords) and Lok Dim Boon Gwun (6.5 Point Pole), and the Mook Yan Jong form (Wooden Dummy Form).

7) Compare this style to Karate and Taekwondo?

Unlike Karate and Taekwondo Wing Chun is not  practiced  as  a  sport,  with students seldom  taking   part   in   competitive  sparring.    Like  Karate  and Taekwondo,  the basics of Wing Chun  can    be easily learnt, but can take a lifetime to master.


8) Can you give an example of how you would defend yourself?

In Wing Chun the principle of minimal use of brute strength is always utilized this means that   when an opponent attacks you, you would redirect his incoming force and allow him to    essentially fall into your attack.

9) How many days do you train?

I go to class twice a week, and train at home whenever I can.


10) How long do you train?

Each Class goes for at least 2 hours.


11) What type of exercise do you do?

Simple body weight exercises such as push ups and pull ups etc.