Martial Arts Children

Age to start:

Martial Arts Children. There is no definitive age for a child to begin martial arts training. Often a parent is best suited to judge whether their child is ready to begin some form of martial arts training. A child must be able to follow instructions and mimic actions that are shown to them. A common age for parents to start their children in martial arts is between the ages of 5 to 10 years. This age range is bound by the theory that if a child is able to function in a school environment then they will be able to begin learning a martial arts discipline.
Rules of the game:
There are no definitive rules for martial arts. Martial arts disciplines work under the two central concepts of discipline and respect for superiors. A child will be taught a set of rules and principles that are to be followed.
A martial arts discipline is a great activity for boys and girls of any age. Undertaking a martial arts discipline will help your child learn important life skills such as; discipline, focus and concentration. In addition your child will learn personal safety and awareness techniques.
Different martial arts disciplines involve varying levels of physical contact. It is recommended you contact your local academy to enquire about the nature of the training. Many martial arts classes work on the premise of respect for opponents and the principle of not injuring or hurting an opponent.
Sign up dates:
Martial arts disciplines are undertaken all year round. Most classes for children coincide with the school terms. Children usually can sign up prior to each school term. However many classes will add children during a term depending on class size and availability. Contact your local martial arts academy for further details about sign up dates and availability.
Sporting tips:
In order to successfully participate in a martial art you require:
Mental strength