Taekwondo Article – By Kevin Peakman


As a parent I have seen unparalleled development in my son and daughter since they started learning Taekwondo. My daughter has developed self defence skills all girls should know and I feel comfortable that she can look after herself. In my son I have seen him develop a self discipline which was missing when he was younger and would have been difficult for any parent to develop on their own.

I have also seen in both of them their desire for competition increase which is very important in a competitive world, Taekwondo has taught them both valuable skills in how to handle themselves in competitive situations. They are both fitter and eat healthier as a result of wanting to perform at their best in training as well as competition.

The club environment has also been an important part of their personal development with many friendships developed outside of their normal circle of friends associated with school. Travel to competitions locally, interstate and internationally has also contributed to their appreciation and understanding of cultural diversity, after all travel broadens the mind.

More recently my daughter has become an instructor at the club and my son has started his referee qualifications. It is great that they have developed to the point that they both are now looking at ways to contribute and give back to a sport that has done so much for them as individuals.

As an individual I started Taekwondo when my kids started and was already into my forties, however this hasn’t stopped me from progressing to a 3rd Dan Black Belt and more recently to becoming a referee. I am fitter and healthier than at any time during my thirties and have a real interest outside work. The fact that I could train with my children, see their development and hopefully be something of a role model to them as well was all encouraged within the club.

Our Taekwondo club has become a second family to us and we are all very committed to a sport we not only enjoy but we love.