Taking White Crane to the World ~ Master Lin Yuan Dun & Shifu Ron Goninan By Shifu Ron Goninan

Taking White Crane to the World ~ Master Lin Yuan Dun & Shifu Ron Goninan By Shifu Ron Goninan

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Living at White Horse Road, New Village in Fuzhou China the home of White Crane is Sifu Lin Yuan Dun.

The diminutive Sifu Lin over 60 years old, but don’t let his age fool you, his Gongfu is magnificent.

Master Lin Yuan Dun heads the Club of Crane style Zhenlan Boxing Fuzhou China &  the  Boxing  Club of  Zhenlan  Association of  Martial  Arts, Fuzhou China.

He is a worker at the  Development Investment  Management Center in the Tai Jiang District;  He  is  also  in the eyes  of the Fuzhou community and all the friends, a highly regarded Martial Artist.

When one approaches Sifu Lin’s Zhenlan Studio, on the four walls,  there are many trophies  and photos  showing his  teachings associated with the finest martial artists of China.

With the strong influence of  his  father, Sifu Lin  developed  a  great interest within the native Chinese Martial Arts.  As  luck  would  have  it,   his  neighbour    was     none other    than   Lin   Zhenlan,  an   exceptional  Martial  Artist  and exponent of the Fuzhou Minghequan or Calling  Crane  Fist style. Convinced that he had to learn Gongfu, the  young  Lin  Yuan  Dun  at eighteen  years of age convinced the  venerable  Lin  Zhenlan to allow  his disciples  林建华  Lin Jianhua and  郑惠生  Zheng  Huisheng  to  teach  him  Gongfu.  This  wish  was granted and so began Master Lin Yuan Dun’s Martial journey!

Sifu Lin remembered,  at  the  time  he  went  to  school  during  the  day and learned White Crane and other forms of  Gongfu  in the evening.  He  walked 40 minutes every day to learn.

He was young and eager to learn all he could about this most graceful yet deadly of Chinese Martial Arts!

Training  could sometimes  be  treacherous  as  there  was no  light  at night, suppers    were   very  simple. The  budding   young   Master  was  forced  to practice on a section of flat rock.  Master  Lin Yuan Dun would often spar in these  classes and was  initially defeated for some  time.  However, applying the  Martial principles  of  spirit and  perseverance,   Master Lin  went on  to gain the respect of his fellow classmates and his Master, Lin Zhenlan.

Through this never-ending  dedication,  training and seeking to understand the heart of the art Sifu Lin became the last disciple of the Lin Zhenlan.

In 1979, Sifu Lin opened his own martial art studio and is now the Chairman of the fourth generation of the Zhenlan  White Crane Tradition and Masters Club.  In the past 40 years,  he had  taught 3000 disciples and won a total of 38 gold medals.

Master Lin  Yuan  Dun was   an  associate/student  of  the late Great Master Ruan Dong of the Minghequan  (Calling Crane) tradition.

He is considered the “Closed-Door Disciple” of his Fist Master.

In his own words Master Lin describes his passion and experience learning White Crane Gongfu: “For a long time,  in my  work  and  life,  I spent most of my life with martial art  as  my  job.  Its    special    oriental    culture    attracts   me  to persevere unremittingly   and   train   hard   in  my busy  work  and  spare time.   It has extensive    social   value that  is  Martial  Arts  Science, containing   Chinese Philosophy,  Literature, Medical Science, Aesthetics, Moral Science, Qigong Science, and  Physical  Fitness,  and  Life-Protection. I  worship  the   White Crane   Founder   Fang   Qiniang’s  Style  of   Yongchun Baihequan   Fist   My learning  experience   is   destined to   the will of heaven  and my  gene  from my grandfather who also learned  martial arts.   Since   1973  I   firstly   have learned Yongchun  Fist (Minghe Fist)  from   Zhenlan   sect. I  was   the latest learner  in  all  fellows and can be  called  the closed-door  disciple of my fist master.  I place importance on “SanZhan  (3 Battles)  and Eight Step (Babu)” fist  patterns  of  Crane  Fist  and  learn  what is  fist  basic  and  how  to  deep breathe and transport Qi.  I  have  a  deep understanding  of  fist depth. As a proverb in traditional martial arts tell me that if you want to master fist you should find its quintessence form fist patterns “SanZhan” (3 Battles) which can strengthen a martial artist’s internal and external physical quality. With daily  hard  study,  I am  strong enough  to  compete  with   my   fellows  and even exceed them in pattern characteristics.  So  I  was  highly  praised  and encouraged by my  Master and  fellows  because  of my solid fist foundation and my innovation  in Yongchun Crane Fist.  I led   my  brothers  and fellow students  to participate  in the  martial  arts  tournament  and  win  ove r 38 golden medals.  I want  to extend  my sincere  gratitude  for my first teacher and Window- Master, and I am very grateful to my same door predecessors and brothers for  the  recognition  and support of my work and also to go on to elect me as the club head of Zhenlan Fist.  Hereupon,  I like to convey my heartfelt   thanks  to   relevant  senior   leaders   and   all masters   of sects   in martial  arts field for  their support and recognition” Assisting Master Lin in his   aim   to   see   White   Crane   take  flight  to the world is his only Western student and  ranked   Zhenlan Shifu,   Ron Goninan.   Ron  is one of those few teachers  of  the  Chinese  Martial  Arts  who  can  explain  the principles and techniques    from    Chinese  and    Western    viewpoints.     Shifu    Goninan’s knowledge is not only held in the concepts and  principles,  his command of the White   Crane   Gongfu   techniques   is   most   impressive  and deep (and painful!).   The   rare   blending   of   mastery   of   the   techniques,   technical expertise, concepts,  Western  physiology and  Chinese ways results in Shifu Ron Goninan as a superior teacher of the “Way”.

Ron  is the  Founder  of  the International  White  Crane  Gongfu Association (IWCA)   and   began   his   Martial   Arts  while in primary school in the early seventies. Ron’s own personal journey has involved studying many types of Martial Arts from across the world finally resting upon White  Crane Gongfu of the Zhenlan tradition.

Ron currently teaches  the  White  Crane Art, Qigong,  Qinna, Iron Palm and Dim Mak.  These  are his  current  areas of training and development via the International    White    Crane    Gongfu   Association and the  China  Fuzhou Zhenlan  Crane  Boxing  Tao  Australia as  taught by Shifu Ron Goninan with the full recognition, backing, support and guidance of Master Lin Yuan Dun.

Anyone   interested    in  the  Zhenlan White  Crane Gongfu way can contact Shifu Ron Goninan via the Zhenlan Web Site at www.whitecranegongfu.info.

Ron will be running a special Open  Workshop in Sydney on Saturday, June 28 at the Tao Gung Fu Academy Phone 0488 568 818 for further information